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* Storage space:
If two 2.5" HDD installed, one riser & expansion card allowed 
If one 3.5" HDD installed, one riser & expansion card not allowed
* Drive bay equipped with anti-vibration function
* Two USB 2.0 ports at front bezel
* Aluminum extrusion front bezel with invisible intake air vent holes
* I/O front-access mounting assembly included as standard
* Two brand new Adda AD0412HB-C56 40mm x 20mm intake fans behind the front bezel
* Room noise without 2 fans activated is 49dBA, tested by 10cm distance to the running fans is 67dBA (including room noise)
* All in one fan wire PCB to keep fast system maintenance
* Support 6.7"x6.7" standard Mini-ITX MB (170mm x 170mm)
* Various Genesys Group 1U I/O shield available (option, increasing more items daily)
* Support standard 1U FlexATX 150W~250W psu (max. psu depth: 150mm)
* Support 1 slot full high expansion card (max. 220mm long)
* Standard paint: scratch-resistant Black textured
* Chassis dimension: 19" x 1U x 250mm (9.84" deep)
* Accessory pack: ABS black handle x 2pcs, black mounting ear x 2pcs, M4 self-tapping screw x 4pcs, #6 round head screw x 11pcs, #6 black countersunk and small head screw x 4pcs, M3 truss head screw x 4pcs
* Package: NW 3.5 KG, GW 4.5 KG, 1.00 CUFT (55.5x37.5x13.5cm, single box packed)